Navigating Regulatory and Privacy Challenges in Analytics, Data Science and AI

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Sia Partners recently participated in the annual Analytics Frontiers conference at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, in Charlotte, North Carolina (US).

Sia Partners was a sponsor of the 2 day event, which drew over 700+ attendees and featured a special session on Women in Data Science to kick-off Day 1 of conference.

On Day 2 of the conference, Sia Partners US Director of Digital + Data Services, Christopher Johannessen, presented the following talk:

Navigating Regulatory and Privacy Challenges in Analytics, Data Science and AI

An expanding web of regulations - driven recently by privacy concerns - add yet another of layer of complexity to analytics, AI and data science, both here in the United States and across the world.

In this session, we explored:

  • Current and emerging regulatory concerns, and potential impact to data collection, analysis, reporting and the operational use of algorithms, models and AI;

  • The recent rise of privacy regulations, such as Europe's GDPR, CCPA in the US and Brazil’s new LGPD law;

  • Innovative technology approaches to maintaining awareness of regulatory and privacy changes - and how to translate those changes into operations with agility, to ensure compliance in this potentially perilous terrainTakeaways and next steps for maintaining regulatory / privacy vigilance and compliance for analytics, AI and data science in your organization.

The presentations from the Analytics Frontiers conference are now available as downloads on their website.

You can download the Sia Partners presentation on this topic of urgent importance, which you can help solve using a range of digitization, automation and other technology approaches.

To learn more about how Sia Partners can help your organization leverage Automation to solve complex issues such as managing through the ever-shifting seas of regulation and compliance – contact us via or discover our Capabilities in Process Automation on our website.