Employer Branding Snapshot: RPA can aggregate web data from external employer review portals

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Companies, across all industries, are in a constant talent war to get the smartest and brightest talents to join their workforce. Candidates and prospective applicants on the other hand have access to a plethora of information that helps them decide which companies to target, the most important being the repute of the employer brand. A prime example of this is the reviews, comments, and recommendations of employees past and present on employer and job review sites. A few bad reviews might put off a rock-star candidate, and lead him/her to join a competing firm.

With employment rates at an all-time high in most major markets, the fight for top talent has intensified like never before. The challenge facing businesses is not just in attracting the smartest but also in retaining their best employees. Learn how RPA can help HR gain unique insights into the power of the employer brand and make strategic interventions to attract and retain top talent.

Through RPA, you can obtain a snapshot of your employer brand as part of your HR reporting every week, month or quarter. Automate tracking of the latest comments and feedback and make strategic interventions to help boost your brand image!

While Employee-NPS and satisfaction surveys have been the traditional means to measure the strength of the employer brand and bring out pain-points faced by employees, no other source offers more powerful insights like the employer and job review websites. With detailed reviews by employees past and present highlighting the pros and cons, work culture, salary and benefits opportunities for growth etc., these websites offer an ocean of information that HR can tap into to gather insights. From understanding the drivers of motivation to learning more about the pressing concerns of the employees, HR can in real-time have a snapshot of the sentiment of its workforce. While it can be a task to gather these insights manually, RPA offers a simple solution to gather these insights and convert them into simplified reports effortlessly. The RPA robot can be programmed to provide recurring reports on the employer branding score from the review website or create needs-based ad-hoc reports.

The Bot in a Nutshell:

The bot performs a search of your company on the review website and sorts by the most recent feedback filtered to your geographic location. The robot then extracts the relevant information you specify including recent review scores, pros and cons, text body of the reviews, reviewer title/ department, seniority and tenure etc. This data is then tabulated in a spreadsheet or into your pre-defined reporting framework or visualization platform.

Main Functions:

  • Perform searches on the employer review website to specify the company, location and time-frame

  • Leverage web scraping to collect the required information and compile this into an Excel file

  • Convert the data from tabular format to graphs and charts to make it reporting-ready

  • Notify HR and send the report via Email

High-Level Plan

Main Benefits:

  • External perspective on employer brand strength

  • Reduce time and resources used

  • Process reliability

Hands-On Considerations

Pain points targeted:

  • Processing time

  • Continuous and recurring updates

  • Insights that can enable real-time strategic interventions

Challenges to expect:

  • Website page variability

What will the bot do?

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