Accelerating Shared Services Through RPA

This article was originally published on the Sia Partners Banking Blog

Author: Banking Team

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) as an integrated part of finance transformation accelerates benefit realization and cost savings

Robotics Process Automation (#RPA) is the cornerstone of digital transformation, providing benefits through cost savings, process efficiency, as well as improved accuracy and quality in day to day finance activities. Many Finance organizations perceive RPA as a brand new shining toy… A quick win opportunity to automate transactional, manual and repetitive processes, independent of strategic and transformational initiatives; caution should be exercised when approaching anything hyped.

In the following piece, Sia Partners provides a viewpoint on how RPA could be used in tandem with a well-established approach in the Transformation toolkit; Shared Services & Centralization. If companies integrate RPA within their Finance Transformation and Shared Services initiatives, a greater magnitude of benefits can be achieved by leveraging common activities and outcomes. The following article will illustrate how organizations can achieve accelerated benefits when the two are adopted in conjunction.

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