Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is a technology that mimics human actions within digitized systems to automate business tasks and processes. 

RPA is a process-centric tool that will help companies to respond to the growing challenges they face when operating on a day to day basis, by introducing robots, as a form of a digital workforce, to work on mundane repetitive tasks. 

Robots are fast, highly scalable, accurate, and are available 24/7 to perform the tasks that are highly repetitive, leaving your employees more time for analysis, or customer-facing activities.

RPA is a mature automation technology and is the natural next step in your company's process transformation strategy.




RPA is a solution that responds to the ever growing challenges a company faces today



RPA offers a wide range of benefits, from faster processing, to improved data quality, etc.-



RPA is a new lever of process transformation, which is less invasive and cheaper than alternatives


RPA is a mature automation technology, that can work with all the other technologies



Sia Partners is at the forefront of 

Consulting 4.0 and automation through RPA is a key element of the Augmented Consultant 


Anatole de la Brosse

Deputy CEO, Sia Partners



  • Take all the consideration of RPA at scale into account from the beginning 

  • Implement RPA Enterprise-wide to maximise the benefits through scale, and avoid silos

  • Think robot: robots are capable of performing any processes across any functions at any times and should be seen as multi-skilled 






Process identification

Sia Partners business consultants can help you assess the automation potential of your processes through ideation workshops and business case analysis. Our expertise and packaged tools (criteria analysis matrix and heatmaps) will allow you to single out the right candidates for automation.

Automation tool selection

As an independent firm, Sia Partners is able to leverage its expertise regarding RFI and RFP management in order to support you throughout an RPA provider assessment and selection.

Change management (planning, communication)

As one of the key components of a successful RPA implementation, change management must be anticipated from the get go and at every stage of the RPA journey.  Through a combined effort of our RPA and HR practices, we can provide assistance on change management planification, communication, skills and competencies management.


Sia Partners business consultants can help you organize bot’athon to help your staff learn about the RPA technology, and generate ideas and prototype of automations that will benefit them and the organization.

Deployment / Roll-out

Following a first Proof of Concept and roadmap definition, Sia Partners will help you apply RPA throughout your prioritized process and business lines. By doing so, we will help you unlock the full potential and return on investment of RPA while maintaining a strong control over automatized activities.

RPA training

Sia Partner’s training structure, Sia Institute, is a dedicated professional training organization and platform that can provide any training-related services: seminar organization and facilitation, training content creation, enterprise wide training programs and knowledge transfer management, etc.- Our RPA experts can provide small or large scale skill transfer depending on your precise needs (process identification, robot development, Robotic Operating Model definition and management, etc.-)

Roadmap definition

Automation candidates need to be prioritized and precise planification is preferable in order for the organization to progressively implement RPA. We will assist you in creating an process automation roadmap as well as in defining a long term strategy for your RPA capability.

CoE implementation

As the enterprise matures in its RPA journey, a Center of Excellence will help build and maintain the best practice, the vision and strategy with key stakeholders. Sia Partners experience in this domain allows us to provide you with CoE guiding principles, to define a target robotic operating model and to obtain stakeholders endorsement.

Proof Of Concept

In order to showcase benefits, gain stakeholder buy-in and identify potential pain points (technical, human…), Sia Partners has developed a robot development expertise which allows us to prototype RPA robots for use cases that specifically fit your needs.




Our Offering

You can find Sia Partners convictions and global offering for RPA 

Livre Blanc - Automatisation de la fonction RH

Pourquoi la fonction RH doit activement participer
à la stratégie d’automatisation de l’entreprise ?

An analysis of the overall adoption of RPA

We explore the current state of RPA adoption, the RPA vendor landscape, the main obstacles to RPA adoption, as well as the future of RPA to provide new insights, regardless of your RPA maturity.